Ask VictimRobert Gettinger what they did to his mother Gertrude Gettinger

Ask VictimRobert Gettinger what they did to his mother Gertrude Gettinger

Court officials involved in Robert’s Case No. GP0126304
Judge Aviva K. Bobb
Judge Brenda Penny

I was a former Los Angeles Police officer and appalled at the sheer disrespect and reluctance for support or action from government or local authorities.

2006 via lies, fraud and manipulation of APS my mother Gertrude Gettinger was ripped from her home and made out to be mentally incompetent. Everything was based off the lies and perjured documents which the court ignores or fails to properly investigate. My sister Sylvia and her husband Gary A. Schmidt had embezzled over $200,000.00 in bank accounts via burglarizing our mother’s home when she was at work.

When I found out Sylvia had been lying to me and had moved our mother to a locked nursing home I which she refused to provide me an address. I hired a lawyer to find out what was going on, once I had the full documentation of what had taken place we filed petitions informing the court of fraud, perjury, embezzlement and elder abuse. To my surprised with 100% documented proof and evidence of the crimes, mishandling, fraud and embezzlement I was met with Judges and lawyers who ignored everything.

Everyone involved from my mother’s lawyer “assigned by the court” to the doctors chosen by the court were all being paid by my mother estate. They all ignore everything and refused to take action or protect my mother. In fact they did everything they could to hide the crimes and abuse and discredit me for speaking out. I was then forced into proceeding with a trial.

The rabbit hole kept getting deeper because as I got deeper in debt in legal bills it was obvious a trial would be a waste of money and time. The judge refused critical subpoenas which would reveal what happened to 2 bank accounts which has been closed but their contents were never reported to the court.

I recall the day in court when we asked to go forward with the discovery which related to fraud, perjury and abuse where the judge Candace J. Beason stated “I don’t see anything wrong here”
That’s the moment you realize the judge is a fraud and something is going on behind your back.
With further investigation I found a new more expensive X president of the Pasadena Bar lawyer Philip Barbaro Jr. had made a deal with the judge. There was evidence of an unethical back door deal which usually means the judge was bribed. There were numerous videos and images with Judge Beason and Barbaro Jr. together at a Judge’s event.

At this point I has spent approx $180,000.00 in legal fees and gone into debt via credit cards. Even my attorney saw not solution so I had no choice then to stop. Further my sister did not want me visiting our mother so I was forbidden and threatened, even multiple meetings with judge to get visitation was ignored.

The first time I spoke out and made it clear on the internet about these criminal acts and all involved I was arrested in the middle of the night. I found out that Judge Aviva K. Bobb was behind the arrest by the Pasadena Police department. After 3 days in jail they were forced to release me stating I had committed no crime I was only “detained”. This is how these judges and lawyers work, they lie, cheat, perjure documents and bribe the judge to ignore crime, law and code. Police blindly accept anything a judge tells them because of their image and relationship. Even if it makes no sense or has no evidence.

My nightmare started in 2006 and I am still living it today as it continues and every time I’m forced to take part they bill my mother’s estate literally paying themselves to steal, lie and cheat.

I have no faith in the legal system in America and since the onset have connected with literally thousands of victims with similar stories with the same court, lawyers and judges. All those involved deserve to be imprisoned for life and lose their licenses to ever practice law again.

During all this I created to help other victims and share my story

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