Britney Spears Overprotected

Britney Spears Overprotected

Britney Spears Conservatorship Is #FreeBritney a Good Idea?

People NEED to ask the victims of Conservatorship/Guardianship. The problem with  “Doctors” is they all have different opinions and you can ask victims about what ONE doctor’s opinion did to their lives. Asking the victims if a conservatorship helped them of destroyed their lives. Too many doctors say anything you want for money which is what probate lawyers are famous for. What’s good about lawyers spending 1.1 MILLION DOLLARS of your money to pretend to protect you?

Britney Spears HAS A RIGHT to stop the conservatorship

This video answers the questions: Can I analyze the Britney Spears Conservatorship and the #FreeBritney movement)? Support Dr. Grande on Patreon:

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