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The comments and website is written by actual Probate court victims wo they comment from actual experience with Probate court, Probate Lawyers,  Guardians and Conservators. While not all lawyers are unethical huge victim numbers point to Probate court being especially fraudulent and abused by unethical lawyers, judges, conservators, guardians and family

Criminals and Psychopaths alike rely on getting away with their crimes and abuse by hiding behind a fake image. Usually of a protector, authority figure or friendly person. This is how victims are lured in for the kill by a false sense of security. In a perfect world Government, the Legal Bar or the Commission on Judicial performance would step in and prosecute the judge or lawyers for unethical violations, crimes and abuse. The bigger problem is the corruption goes deep and any prosecution is rare and if done usually for show.

Abusers work in packs because they need other abusers to go along with their crimes and abuse. They often promote those who play along with them. The key is to ask their victims, check evidence and fact NEVER ask them because you’ll never get the truth just a excuse that usually includes”character assassination” of anyone who goes against their plans or investigates them.

“Don’t like the message, kill the messenger” which to them means “if you can’t dispute truth, evidence or facts then defame the person presenting them”.

Welcome to Conservatorship/Guardianship. Remember how these criminals get away with it an their tactics.

Power, control and Money are what drives abusers
All Mighty dollar what judges, lawyers and the courts live for

Sticker Probate Rape

The Goal of the unethical judges, lawyers and family

The goal is not protecting, conserving, guarding, helping or even assisting. The fact is it’s about MONEY, GREED and CONTROL. Once a court is involved everything you own and all your rights and freedoms are decided by a judge. Often fraudulent petitions and motions are granted which cause great harm and abuse to the person conserved or guarded. While they had claimed or promised you could object or take part in what they’re doing to you the truth is the majority of the time you’re ignored and taken advantage of. This is where the term “Probate Rape” comes in. Victims are violated and forced against their will to give up their rights, freedoms and finances.

Lawyers who we know can charge anything per hour they want which can be $1000.00 per hour create (not as needed) hearings, motions, paperwork, meditations, unwarranted actions and petitions all with the goal to pad the bills.

Below is the problem and the goal. The sole reason lawyers get unethical family get involved. Lawyers and judges have twisted the system, law and the courts into a greedy, unethical money machine. Not based in any way with justice but built 100% on profit and the dollar. This is how unethical, immoral and criminal the American Bar has become. All the while our government which should be stepping up to stop these crimes and manipulations does nothing and ignores the obvious legal robing, abuse, embezzlement, fraud and perjury that happens everyday in all our courts.

What is Probate Rape?

To understand what “Probate Rape” means you need to either have been or are a victim or understand the definitions and how they’re used.

Definitions of rape

1. an outrageous violation
2. an act or instance of robbing or despoiling or carrying away a person by force
rape verb
raped; raping
transitive verb
1. to commit rape on
a. despoil
b. archaic : to seize and take away by force

Definitions of probate

1a . the action or process of proving before a competent judicial authority that a document offered for official recognition and registration as the last will and testament of a deceased person is genuine broadly : the process of administering an estate

b . the judicial determination of the validity of a will
2 . the officially authenticated copy of a probated will
3a . a court with jurisdiction over determination of the validity of wills and administration of estates and sometimes matters involving minors or adults judged incompetent : probate court filed a petition in probate
b . legal matters that fall under the jurisdiction of a probate court a law practice limited to probate
1 . to establish (a will) by probate as genuine and valid
2 . to put (a convicted offender) on probation

Definitions of a will

1. Used to express a command, exhortation, or injunction you will do as I say, at once

2. used to express frequent, customary, or habitual action or natural tendency or disposition will get angry over nothing will work one day and loaf the next
3a. used to express inevitability accidents will happen

b. used to express determination, insistence, persistence, or willfulness I have made up my mind to go and go I will

Probate Rape is real and happens all over the world. It starts when a dishonorable judge fails to do their job and allows unethical petitions, ignores violations of law and rights.

While the term Probate can mean to some “what happens after someone passes away” it’s just another ploy by unethical courts to mislead the public.

Victims of Probate court can be any age such as well known Britney Spears and the Disney Family Bradford Lund. However the majority of victims are the defenseless handicapped and elderly who are often unable to speak out or stop what unethical parties start.

The Bait

Victims are often lured in with false promises of being protected by a court that follows law, Conservatorship/Guardianship code or rules and federal and state guidelines.

The fact a judge will be overseeing hearings and rulings must be court approved, a court attorney will be provided and probate investigators will make annual investigations.

Some old sayings that fit this crime

A wolf in sheep’s clothing
Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth

The False images

Beware of “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”

Lawyers who are better compared to the term (Liars)  hide behind fake images of helping the elderly which a good comparison is Pasadena X Bar President Lawyer Philip Barbaro Jr.  Philip Barbaro Jr. pretends by telling the media he protects and helps stop the raping of seniors when in fact he’s a major play and deeply involved in the worst of worst abusive judges such a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Aviva K. Bobb who was exposed in 2005 by the Los Angeles Times investigative article which exposed the fraudulent Probate court division. Which did not change as they promised after the story it only got deep in corruption and worse

In fact there are hundreds of factual proven accounts and news articles that expose problematic judges, lawyers, fiduciary, unethical family and courts

The Catch

Once the trap is sprung the victim and family sucked in via lies or surprise realizes NONE (not one of the above promises are valid or true) Victims now are raped and abused by the court as long as they remain in control and there is NO ONE who will stop it and no amount of funds to pay other lawyers to change it.

The Game

The Judge ignores:

  1. Abuse
  2. Evidence
  3. Crimes
  4. Law
  5. Constitutional Rights
  6. Conservatorship/Guardianship codes
  7. Complaints by the victim

The victim or conservatee as they’re called loses all freedoms, rights and control. They have less rights than a criminal sitting on death row.

All Mighty dollar what judges, lawyers and the courts live for

This short video exposes and tells it all, how OUR courts are infested by dishonest, immoral con-artists in expensive suits who have twisted our JUSTICE system into a money making scam

Lawyers are destroying America, Justice, morals and integrity in America

Have you been victimized by lawyers and now told the only way out is to hire another lawyer?
Have you been bankrupted by insane out of control legal fees?
Have you reported dishonest lawyers to the bar only to have them ignore any crime or abuse?

What’s “ethical” for lawyers
Ethical rules vary from state to state. But generally, your lawyer is supposed to work hard, be honest with everyone, respect your decisions about goals, and be loyal to you. Prosecutors are supposed to work hard, be honest with everyone, and pursue justice.

Here are some signs of ethical problems for lawyers:

  • Lying
  • Encouraging other people to lie
  • Not trying hard and making many obvious mistakes
  • Saying messed up, biased things about race, gender, disability, nationality, sexuality, or religion
  • Taking a case when there’s a conflict of interest (for example, if your lawyer’s brother is the complaining witness in the case, or if the prosecutor used to represent you before becoming a prosecutor)
  • For your lawyer, promising to do things on your case and then not doing them
  • For your lawyer, sharing your personal info without your permission
  • For your lawyer, forcing you to take or reject a plea offer against your will
  • For your lawyer, not updating you about your case even when something major has happened
  • For a prosecutor, going forward with a case without probable cause
  • For a prosecutor, not sharing info that could help the defense

Here are some things that aren’t signs of ethical problems for lawyers:

  • Losing a case
  • Making a mistake
  • Not doing everything you thought the lawyer should do, or not doing everything the way you wanted it done
  • For your lawyer, urging you take a plea, even if you disagree
  • For a prosecutor, going after you even though plenty of people have done worse things
  • Your lawyer and the prosecutor acting friendly with each other

What’s “ethical” for judges
Ethical rules for judges also vary from state to state. But generally, they are supposed be fair and impartial.

Here are some things that are ethical problems for judges:

  • Bribery and corruption
  • Saying messed up, biased things about race, gender, disability, nationality, sexuality, or religion
  • Talking about the case with one side while the other side isn’t there
  • Judging a case that would affect the judge personally

Here are some things that aren’t ethical problems for judges:

  • Making a bad decision
  • Making a mistake
  • Speaking in a condescending way
  • Acting friendly with lawyersFULL STORY

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Worse these dishonorable, lying, immoral criminals in suits go on to become the worst Judges who now have impunity.
Just google bad judges or search our website for names like Socrates Peter Manoukian

They’re never held accountable and when totally exposed and caught they’re allowed to retire with full benefits but many go on abusing in the private sectors
like the famous “Family Business criminal Aviva K Bobb

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