Britney Spears Conservatorship Exposed


Britney Spears Lawyers

We expect a lawyer to protect their client but imagine if that lawyer was not chosen by you or had a history with with you. The fact is the longer a court appointed lawyer is involved the more money they make. The entire system is NOT based on the conserved person instead on money.

  1. They only conserve people with assets or cash.
  2. The moment the conserved person’s assets are exhausted the lawyers & court disappears.

Probate is not rocket science so one has to ask why one party can get the same result with a $100 and hour Probate lawyer while another bills $600 an hour. Who does the accounting for a Conservator and ensures there is no over billing or fraud? Once conserved and a court matter it’s all up to the judge. Victims often report fraud, over billing and embezzlement but outside agencies refuse to investigate or get involved when it’s a court matter. This creates a huge conflict of interest.

Victims have reported actual proof of fraud, perjury or embezzlement where the judge has stated on the record “I don’t see a problem here”. The conservator handbook clearly states rules and guidelines but judges have the option to ignore the rules. In some cases conservators are give access to “All the funds of an estate” which is contrary to the rules that all funds must be in “blocked accounts”. On top of that the conservator can obtain a bond and is billed for that bond. Yet even when stealing and fraud are reported to the court and bond company it’s all ignored.

This website was created and written by actual victims or the probate system and are speaking first hand. The Probate system is seriously flawed and anyone conserved can easily be victimized, robbed of their rights, savings and life.

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