Britney Spears Conservatorship Exposed


failure of authority figures judges aviva k bobb reva g goetz and brenda penny are frauds

The problem with the Justice system today is “People Trust too much in Images” NOT in truth, evidence, fact or ethics. Which is the flaw and the downfall of Justice today.

A judge is trusted as an authority figure with the image of “Honor and unbiased fairness”. Judges sit on a throne surrounded with images such as the statue of “Justice”. However if that person who is made a judge is in fact unethical, immoral and a criminal none of the images matter. Truth, evidence and fact must always supersede “Evil, perjury, fraud and the immoral”.
The Britney Spears Conservatorship is one of millions of “immoral, unethical and criminal Conservatorships” which hide behind unethical judges and lawyers who hide behind “false images” of “protector, legal, court approved” .We must demand the victims who have been rapped by these monsters, liars, criminals and con-artists are help accountable by the people “Not yet another fraudulent government organization that refuses to prosecute their own” the California Commission on Judicial Performance and Chief Justice Tani G. Cantil Sakauye are in fact the biggest criminals in California responsible for the epidemic of Judicial corruption in our courts today. Lawyers have single handedly destroyed the “Justice System” as we know it today. They’ve manipulated it into a “Money making system” that includes “unethical, immoral, crimes” for which judges should be prosecuted for treason with life prison sentences.

They’ve weaponized law and the court. They’ve manipulated and twisted law to help criminals get away with crime and dishonesty.

  • Statute of Limitations are abused to help criminals stall with court actions long enough to escape accountability and prosecution. (Common in Probate court)
  • Perjury and the lack of prosecution for perjury or fraudulent documents submitted to the court (Common in Probate court)
  • Bait and Switch this is when an unethical party submits a petition with the goal of steering victims only later to back out and force an unethical direction (Common in Probate court)
  • Failing to notify family or involved parties. The practice of having hidden or unknown hearings or meetings behind closed doors without properly notifying key involved persons. Probate judges ignore victims when this tactic is used and then pretend hearings, actions and petitions are valid and approved.
  • Fraud and filing fraudulent documents with the court. Unethical lawyers often file fraudulent documents knowing the judge will ignore fraud and perjury.

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