1. Landan Reid is a young Afro-American man who was born blind.
  2. As a result, his mother, Patty Reid obtained a medical settlement.
  3. Because there was medical settlement money, Landan was captured and forcibly disappeared in a fraudulent illegal “guardianship” in Broward County.
  4. Landan’s guardianship is fraudulent because he is not incapacitated.
  5. His physical condition of blindness was fraudulently used to create an illegal guardianship.
  6. Not only is the guardianship fraudulent but Landan’s rights under the Constitution and the Americans with Disabilities Act has been criminally violated as he has been denied the rights under color of law in violation of Federal criminal law 18 U.S.C. 241 and 242.
  7. Moreover, under ADA, he has the right to reasonable accommodation and remedy.
  8. In addition, he is being subjected to discrimination under the ADA.
  9. To the contrary, his assets are being looted and embezzled using a fraudulent, illegal “guardianship.”[1]
  10. Patty Reid, like Stone, both of whose stories were reported was falsely arrested for the fabricated charge of “interference” with “custody” of her own son when she tried to protected and shield her son from the Murder for Profit Guardian Regime. [
  11. Landan Reid has been forcibly disappeared/kidnapped from the face of the earth and is being human trafficked under the guise of “guardianship”.

[1]  Blind man held captive in the guardianship system for his ……

While still a minor, Landon had been appointed a guardian, South Florida Guardianship. “They handled the money,” stated Reid in a recent interview, “and I took care of my son.” Landon, age 19, is no longer a minor and Reid states she cannot understand why the guardianship has not been legally terminated.

Articles on Guardianship Abuse | Coalition Against Senior

Oct 21, 2020 · Janet Phelan June 25, 2017 … This case posted with permission of Patty Reid: … As long as there is ample money in the victim’s guardianship account, the guardian and her attorney cohorts will file motion upon motion after motion to the courts, such as:” …

[2] Disability Rights: When Is Taking Your Mother to Lunch a Felony? Janet Phelan: One might come away with the impression that the US simply views its elders as bank accounts to be harvested, without .

US Political Prisoner Update –…

Taking Your Mother to Lunch is a Felony Barbara Stone was on house arrest for close to a year for taking her mother, who was under guardianship in Florida, to Denny’s Restaurant.

How They Get Away with Egregious Professional Guardianship …

Finding no one around to help her, Barbara used a wheelchair and put her mother in her car, and tried to take her to Denny’s Restaurant for lunch. Barbara was stopped by police and thrown in jail, and her mother was taken to a hospital where it was verified that she was malnourished, dehydrated, bruised, and a host of other medical problems from lack of care under guardianship.

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