Other Cases of Arrest

In another ongoing conservatorship battle in Los Angeles, the Beverly Hills police were recently called and requested to arrest Jeannie Tanaka, whose mother is under a conservatorship with local conservator Linda Cotterman. Jeannie Tanaka, who is herself over sixty five years old, was taken into custody during a visit with her mother after Cotterman called the police and told them that there was a Restraining Order in place against her. Tanaka, who is an attorney with the State of California, was taken to the Beverly Hills police station and subsequently released after the police realized there was no such order in existence.

Cotterman did not return phone calls from this reporter.

Joseph Quattrochi, whose father was successfully released from a conservatorship under Southern California conservator Melodie Z. Scott, was arrested by the Redlands Police while waiting for other activists to show up for a demonstration in front of Scott’s office.

The police arrested Quattrochi after an employee of Melodie Scott’s alleged that he threatened him outside of the office. All charges were subsequently dropped against Quattrochi. The demonstration took place without further incident.

Ricky Ritch, a non-practicing J.D., was cited with contempt of court and ordered into custody by Judge Aviva K. Bobb for failing to file an accounting which was physically in the file before her at the time she ruled that he had failed to do so. Ritch was the son-in-law of conservatee Marshall Stern, who had nominated Ritch to be his conservator. Instead, Bobb overrode Stern’s wishes and appointed a “professional conservator” who, according to Ritch, misappropriated considerable sums of money.

In Ritch’s own words: “On January 23, 2006 I paid the $1,000 fine and submitted myself for incarceration. On that date Sheriff Astorga hit my head against the car that he was using to transporting me to the jail while I was handcuffed. Sheriff Astorga stated as he was battering me, “That was a message from the Judge.” Or words to that effect. He then kicked me into the car wrenching my broken back in the process. During the next day and a half I was denied my medication for my broken back or the concussion I received from Sheriff Astorga’s attack on me. I was told, “That’s what you get for messing with a Judge.” That message was repeated several times during my incarceration.”

In a written statement by his lawyer, Albert Sterwerf, he affirms the following: “When Mr. Ritch was released, I personally saw the bump on his head. I drove him directly to a hospital where he was reunited with his wife. I remained with him at the hospital until the initial diagnosis was finished by the doctor. They said that Mr. Ritch had a concussion.” He also confirms that the accounting in question was filed and in the court file when Bobb ordered Ritch into custody.

Robert Gettinger wonders why the police are so eager to step in. He recalls being told by one of the arresting officers, Detective Kevin Okamoto, that there is a special squad of officers whose job it is to protect the judges. As he wrote on the CBS website:

“We need to tell anyone and everyone. We need all victims to come forward, even for cases from years ago as this crime has been going on for many years. If the police or government won’t help us then we need to take justice into our own hands. IF THE POLICE WON’T INVESTIGATE then we have a right to justice.”

“Those who protect these judges and lawyers need to be informed about what kind of monsters these people are. They’re just like Adolph Hitler, they’re putting our seniors in prison, stripping them of their rights, stealing their belongings, drugging them and sending them to a legal GAS CHAMBER. The Holocaust is back, right under your nose…. Please email your friends, share this story which is just an example, the woman in this story lost everything, at least she has her life as many victims are dead. Post the names of the lawyers, judges and names of the agencies you contacted who did nothing. Put their names in public light.”

Since being released from jail, Gettinger has been networking with other court victims on a Facebook site.

Sylvia Schmidt did not respond to phone calls or emails from this reporter.

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Ricky Ritch cacd-2 2006-cv-04795-00078

Ricky Ritch cacd-2 2006-cv-04795-00078

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